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Hot Water Scald Burn Treatment

Children are the major concerns for scald or hot-water burns. Statistics show that burns are second in rank for the leading cause of death in children, age 0 to 5. This is due to the fact that children have not fully developed the thickness of their skin. Therefore, they burn faster than adults. Figures show that an average of 300 burn cases is reported for children due to high temperature water.

Due the thinner skin of children, it takes only 2 seconds to acquire a third-degree burn. For hot water at 140 degrees, it will only take 5 seconds and 30 seconds for 130 degree heated water.

Hot Water Scald Burn: Causes

Half of the incidents reported of scald burns are due to the unattended hot water used on children. In most cases, children fill the tub with hot water and unknowingly jump into it without minding the temperature. Rest of the burn cases are from accidents where hot steam or water is accidentally spilled over children.

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Hot Water Scald Burn: Treatment

For minor burns, wash the burned area with running water for 15 minutes. Avoid the use of ointments or butter. Make sure to cover the affected with a thin clothing or surgical dressing. Do not attempt to remove blisters by yourself. Seek medical treatment if the burns are found on the genitals, face, hands, and feet.

In cases of severe burns, contact emergency medical assistance immediately. Do not apply any medical treatments on the burned areas or try to remove any clothing near the burned skin. Wait for the medical professionals handle these steps. Keep the victim stable in temperature, neither overheated nor chilled. If burns are on the limbs, raised the legs and arms to avoid swelling. Lastly do not give the victim any fluids to drink or solids to eat.

Hot Water Scald Burn: Prevention

Most burn cases are preventable. For scald burns, it is important that you know the approximate temperature of the water. Parents must maintain below 120 degrees temperature when using the heater. Test the heated water first before placing the infant in the bath tub.

Be sure to limit the access of hot liquids or any source of hot water available to children. Teach your children about the risks of acquiring heat or scald burns.

When serving food from microwaves, always stir or mix liquids so the temperature would be even before giving it to your children.

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