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Inhale Burn Treatment

Inhale or airway burns are caused by inhaling smoke in poorly ventilated areas. Superheated air, steam and toxic fumes can also contribute to burn injuries on the lungs.

Airway burns should not be taken for granted for the swelling tissues may cause blocking in the passage of air. Immediate medical attention is needed because the swelling can occur rapidly causing the lungs to be grasping for oxygen.

Fire fighters, explosives experts, miners, and chemical factory workers are the ones who are in high risks of inhale burns.

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Inhale Burn: Symptoms

You immediately know when a person has airway burns first, if he/she is exposed to thick smoke or toxic fumes in an enclosed space. Slight burns then appear on the face or if he/she feels pain in the upper airway.

Blisters and soot may develop in the nose or mouth after the exposure. Later on the victim may build up carbaceous sputum.

Inhale Burn: Treatment

Extinguish first the source of the burning. Wash away toxic chemicals nearby with running water. If the victim suffers pain in the airway or in his lungs, call emergency for immediate medical treatment.

Since inhale burns may cause the path of airway to swell instantly, regularly administer high-flow of oxygen. This is to avoid further complications that may reach the lungs of the victim.

Sterile dressings are effective in discontinuing the burning process. Dressings can cool down burned areas, especially saline-moistened dressings. However, sterile burn sheets should cover sheets should cover the patient to put a stop to loss of body heat.

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