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Heat Burn Treatment

Statistics show that there are more than 2 million people acquire heat burns every year in the US. The burns may vary from heat burns, scald burns, chemical burns, etc. Let us try to examine heat burns, being the most common of all burns.

Heat or termal burns occur when the skin touches a hot surface. The skin may either be in contact with hot liquids, flames, steam, flash, or extremely hot surfaces. The minimum temperature that could cause heat burns is 115º F. This can occur anywhere at home like exposure to irons, stoves, hot kettles, and others.

Although 75% of the reported burns can be inhibited, it is still necessary to know the degree of your burn. Classification of the burn depends on what stage or layer of the skin is affected. The severity of your burns determines what kind, for how long and to what extent of treatment is going to be rendered.

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Heat Burn: Causes

The most common sources of thermal burns are heat and fire. Scalds or extremely hot steams are also known to be the cause of thermal burns in households especially for children and housewives.

Heat Burn: Medical Attention

If you suffering from too much pain, it is advisable that you seek your doctor advice for necessary treatment. If sensitive areas like eyes, joints, hands, feet, ears, genitals, or joints are affected, request for emergency medical attention.

It is recommended that you see a doctor in these following situations:

The thickness of the burn grows more than twice its original size.
When the thickness appears to be charred, dry and numb.
Majority of your body is swelling due to the burn.
If you have difficulty in breathing.
If unconsciousness results from the thermal burn.

Heat Burn Treatment

Certain medications are available for burn treatments. One example is a topical antibiotic which can contain triple major ingredients namely Silvadene, Neosporin, and Bacitracin. Pain relievers are also sufficient to alleviate the pain born from the burn. Some of the common over-the-counter pain relievers are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If severe pain still persists, doctors may recommend Tylenol as an anesthetic pain reliever.

Medical experts have their own common procedures on attending heat or thermal burns. The burned area is cleansed before removing damaged or dead tissues. But blisters that may have developed on the hands and feet may be left untouched to avoid further pain.

Heat Burn: First-Aid

It is essential to know the basic steps to home care in case you receive thermal burns.

1. Put out the fire If your clothes are in flame, take them off or you can drop and roll to put out the fire. Avoid the risk of being in contact with hot steam or surfaces.
2. Cold Treatment Be sure to immediately cool the burned area with tap water for a few minutes. This can minimize the extent of the burn.
3. Antibiotic Ointments These are effective for mild burns. Not only do they heal wounds but they also prevent further infection.
4. Blisters Do not attempt to remove blisters on your own. Be sure that you seek your doctor advice on procedures regarding blisters on your feet and hands.

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