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Electrical Burn Treatment

Electricity is one of the most powerful forces here on earth. Electricity has contributed much to our household, offices, and other endeavors. Yet with how much electricity has made an impact to civilization, the same can cause severe harm to human beings, even up to fatality.

Electrical burns are those which occur in contact with sources of electricity or if it passes into your body. Burns from electricity are visible on the skin and it may go deep enough to cause damage to the tissues. At extreme cases, electricity can cause shock the brain, strain the heart, and injury to other organs. Your recovery may greatly depend upon the extent of your burns.

Electrical Burn: Types and Degrees

First-degree burns This involves the outer layer of the skin. Redness of the skin may appear at First-degree burns. The burned skin can be very sensitive as it may hurt if touched. Good news is, these degree of burn is mild and will heal in a few days.
Second-degree burns Burns of this degree are more severe and deeper. The burned are may develop blisters. There is also the certain degree of sensitivity to touch. Healing process of second-degree burns may take a longer period of 2 weeks.
Third-degree burns Being the last on the types of burns, third-degrees are considered to be the most dangerous. Due to the extreme depth of the burn, the victim’s skin may look leathery or tough. It may either appear as black, red, brown or white. Lastly, numbness may develop in the burned skin.

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Electrical Burn: Possible Complications

Aside form the typical injury to the flesh, electrical burns may cause other complications as well. Victims may experience disruption in electrical brain activity, heart injury, muscle contractions, and complications other organs of the body. It is always recommended to look for multiple injuries during a patient’s treatment.

Electrical Burn: Common Causes

Incidents of electrical burns or shocks for children are due to chewing on an electric chord. Sometimes, if unattended, children may have the habit of sticking objects into an electrical outlet.

In cases of young adults, records have shown that electrical shock may result from use of appliances which happen to be improperly grounded. Another cause would be careless use of ground-fault circuit interrupters, which are commonly located in bathrooms and kitchens.

Severe electrical injury may happen when you come in contact with live electrical wires lying on trees.

Electrical Burn: First-Aid Treatment

These are the following firs-aid steps upon acquiring electrical burns:

1. Burned skin should be soaked in cold water for about 10 minutes.
2. Wash the affected area with soapy water and gently tap it with clean towel.
3. A clean bandage should cover the burned skin, which should be cleansed every now and then. Be sure to replace the bandage with a new one regularly. If your doctor prescribed treatment then apply the medicine as desired.
4. If the burned part is your leg or arm, be sure to position it in a raised position within the first 24 hours to minimize the swelling.
5. Over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin are helpful as pain relievers.
6. Treat yourself with water therapy.
7. Be sure to protect the burned area of the skin, as you may all know, it can be very sensitive to touch.

Electrical Burn: Prevention

Since children are prone to playing around electrical plugs and objects, strict supervision is required upon them. There are childproof plug covers which you may avail to protect your child from sources of electricity.

Avoid positioning your appliances or electrical tools near sinks or where there is running water. When attempting to repair electrical appliances, do not stick metal objects when these appliances are still plugged.

Be aware of faulty wirings or grounded cables around your home. Employ necessary repairs for defected appliances to avoid future electrical shocks.

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